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The million pound bank note课文翻译

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The million pound bank note课文翻译

The million pound bank note(马克吐温的《百万英镑》)课文翻译如下:It is the summer of 1903.Two old and wealthy brothers, Roderick and Oliver, have made a bet.Oliver believes that with a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London.His brother Roderick doubts it.At this moment, they see a penniless young man wandering on the pavement outside their house.It is Henry Adams, an American businessman, who is lost in London and does not know what he should do.旁白:1903年的夏天。一对年老又富有的兄弟,罗德里克和奥利弗,打了一个赌。奥利弗认为,一个人靠一张百万英镑的钞票在伦敦能活一个月。他的兄弟罗德里克对此表示怀疑。这时,他们看见一个身无分文的年轻人在房子外面的人行道上游荡。他叫亨利.亚当斯,一个美国商人,在伦敦迷了路,不知道该怎么办。RODERICK: Young man, would you step inside a moment, please?罗德里克:年轻人,请进来一会儿,好吗?HENRY: Who? Me, sir?亨 利:先生,你叫谁来呀?是叫我吗?RODERICK: Yes, you. 罗德里克:是的,就是你。OLIVER: Through the front door on your left. 奥利弗:从你左侧的前门进来。HENRY: (A servant opens a door) Thanks.亨 利:(仆人给他打开门)谢谢。SERVANT: Good morning, sir. Would you please come in? Permit me to lead the way,sir仆 人:早上好,先生,请进。先生,请让我来带路吧。.OLIVER: (Henry enters) Thank you, James. That will be all. 奥利弗:(亨利走进来)谢谢你,詹姆斯,没你的事了。RODERICK: How do you do, Mr ... er ...?罗德里克:你好,先生,你贵姓?Adams. Henry Adams.亨 利:亚当斯,亨利.亚当斯。OLIVER: Come and sit down, Mr Adams奥利弗:来,请坐,亚当斯先生。HENRY: Thank you.亨 利:谢谢。RODERICK: You're an American? 罗德里克:你是美国人?HENRY: That's right, from San Francisco.亨 利:是的,从旧金山来。RODERICK: How well do you know London?罗德里克:你对伦敦熟悉吗?HENRY: Not at all, it's my first trip here.亨 利:一点儿也不熟,这是我第一次来伦敦。RODERICK: I wonder, Mr Adams, if you'd mind us asking a few questions.罗德里克:亚当斯先生,不知你是否介意我们问几个问题?HENRY: Not at all. Go right ahead.亨 利:不介意,请问吧。RODERICK: May we ask what you're doing in this country and what your plans are?罗德里克:可不可以问问,你在这个国家干点儿什么?你的计划又是什么呢?HENRY: Well, I can't say that I have any plans. I'm hoping to find work.As a matter of fact, I landed in Britain by accident. 亨 利:嗯,谈不上有什么计划,我希望能找到工作。事实上,我在英国上岸是偶然的。OLIVER: How is that possible? 奥利弗:这怎么可能呢?HENRY: Well, you see, back home I had my own boat.About a month ago, I was sailing out of the bay ...(his eyes stare at what is left of the brother's dinner on table)亨 利:嗯,你看,在美国的时候,我有我自己的船。大约一个月前,我开船驶出海湾……(他的眼睛盯着兄弟俩留在餐桌上的残羹剩菜上)。OLIVER: Well, go on.罗德里克:往下说呀。HENRY: Oh, yes. Well, towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind.It was all my fault. I didn't know whether I could survive until morning.The next morning I'd just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 亨 利:哦,好的。嗯,傍晚时分我发现我被一阵大风刮到海上去了。这都是我的错。我不知道是否能活到早晨。第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘海船发现了我。OLIVER: And it was the ship that brought you to England.罗德里克:正是那艘船把你带到了英国。HENRY: Yes. The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand,which accounts for my appearance.I went to the American embassy to seek help, but ...(The brothers smile at each other.)亨 利:是的。事实上我靠做义工来顶替船费。这就是我为什么衣冠不整的原因了。我上美国大使馆求助,但是……(兄弟俩相顾而笑)。RODERICK: Well, you mustn't worry about that. It's an advantage.罗德里克:嗯,这一点你倒不必担心,这还是优点呢。HENRY: I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, sir.亨 利:对不起,先生,你的话我没有听懂。RODERICK: Tell us, Mr Adams, what sort of work did you do in America?奥利弗:亚当斯先生,请你告诉我们,你在美国干哪个行当?HENRY: I worked for a mining company.Could you offer me some kind of work here?亨 利:我在一家矿业公司工作。你们能不能给我提供一份工作呢?RODERICK: Patience, Mr Adams.If you don't mind, may I ask you how much money you have?罗德里克:耐心点儿,亚当斯先生,如果你不介意,我能不能问问,你手头儿有多少钱?HENRY: Well, to be honest, I have none.亨 利:嗯,老实说,我一分钱都没有了。OLIVER: (happily) What luck! Brother, what luck! (claps his hands together) 奥利弗:(高兴地)老兄,真走运!真有运气!(鼓起掌来)HENRY: Well, it may seem lucky to you but not to me!On the contrary, in fact. If this is your idea of some kind of joke, I don't think it's very funny.(Henry stands up to leave) Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be on my way.亨 利:嗯,这对你们来说可能是运气,但对我来说可不是。事实上,正好相反。如果你们认为这是一个笑话,我可不觉得很好笑。(亨利起身准备走)好了,请原谅,我想我该上路了。RODERICK: Please don't go, Mr Adams.You mustn't think we don't care about you. Oliver, give him the letter.罗德里克:亚当斯先生,请别走。你千万不要以为我们不在意你的感受。奥利弗,把信给他。OLIVER: Yes, the letter. (gets it from a desk and gives it to Henry like a gift) The letter奥利弗:是,那封信。(从桌上把信拿起来,像送礼品一样递给亨利)给你信。HENRY: (taking it carefully) For me?亨 利:(小心翼翼地接过信)是给我吗?RODERICK: For you. (Henry starts to open it) Oh, no, you mustn't open it.Not yet. You can't open it until two o'clock.罗德里克:是给你的。(亨利要拆信)啊,别拆,你不要拆,现在不是时候,到两点钟你才能打开。HENRY: Oh, this is silly亨 利:噢,这真可笑。RODERICK: Not silly. There's money in it. (calls to the servant) James?罗德里克:这不可笑,这里边有钱呢。(叫仆人)詹姆斯?HENRY: Oh, no. I don't want your charity. I just want an honest job.亨 利:噢,不,我不需要你们的施舍,我只要一份老老实实的工作。.RODERICK: We know you're hard-working.That's why we've given you the letter. James, show Mr Adams out. 罗德里克:我们知道你工作是很卖力的,这正是我们给你这封信的原因。詹姆斯,请送亚当斯先生出去。OLIVER: Good luck, Mr Adams. 奥利弗:祝你好运,亚当斯先生。HENRY: Well, why don't you explain what this is all about?亨 利:嗯,怎么不给我讲讲,这究竟是什么回事呢?RODERICK: You'll soon know. (looks at the clock) In exactly an hour and a half.罗德里克:你很快就会明白的,(看看钟)一个半小时以后。SERVANT: This way, sir.仆 人:请这边走,先生。RODERICK:Mr Adams, not until 2 o'clock. Promise?罗德里克:亚当斯先生,两点钟以前不要拆信,答应吗?HENRY: Promise. Goodbye亨 利:答应,谢谢。再见!


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